Rodent Control


Rodent Control in Melbourne

They live in small hole or burrows, which they’ve dug under your property and along the fence before taking residence in your home. Once the rodents have gained access they infest, threaten your health and destroy your home or property. We provide a full assessment on preventative measures, exclusions and rodent proofing your home to keep your environment safe and free from disease.
Our team is trained and educated to promote ways to prevent infestations.

Why Rodent Control in Important

Rodents, commonly known as the Norway rat, Roof rat and house mouse can prove extremely destructive. These borrowers excavate under buildings and break through concrete to gain access in the still of the night.  These household pests are extremely resourceful creatures that we’ve been living with for centuries, working just as hard to keep them at bay. Not only do they reproduce quickly but they also pose health risks, spread disease, contaminate your food and cause unpleasant odours.


Why did the rats choose my house?

People have this idea that rats are attracted to poor sanitation and garbage, but having rats doesn’t necessarily mean your house is dirty. Anywhere there is food, water and shelter rats will move in. This means pet food bowls and trays, bird feeder spill trays, and even pet waste can attract rats. Heavy foliage, landscaping or any kind of clutter provides a shelter for rats. Once inside they are capable of thriving in human environments hence depriving them of their necessities make your home less attractive to them