Termite Protection



Termites are found in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. They are responsible for a tremendous amount of damage to Victorian home every year. Termites are wood destroying pests. They feed on structural wood in buildings, wooden fixtures, furniture, and paper, books as well as insulation. This can be especially destructive to humans. Whether you’re buying or investing, you can stop the spread of damage, the cost associated with repairs and the trauma that it can cause.

During inspections, we use thermal imaging equipment to identify and locate termite risk areas because we know a visual just isn’t enough. If you are seeing termite damage call us to discuss a termite treatment or protection plan that’s right for you. Remember do not disturb them.


Of course, homeowners truly believe it can’t happen to them. But the fact of the matter is Victoria has a consistent monthly rainfall, which can affect conducive conditions (plumbing leaks, subfloor timbers, broken downpipes, poor drainage) to attract termites. If you don’t inspect you’ll never know. After the inspection, the Termite Specialists findings are noted in a report that outlines termite presence, termite activity and termite damage.

Annual termite inspections should be a routine part of your home’s maintenance.


Termite treatments can be costly. During construction conducive conditions can be created for termites that can go unnoticed for years. While general home insurance policies DO NOT cover termites, the common approach is a preventative treatment that protects your structure from future damage making it difficult for termites to enter your property or home. For residential and commercial Pre-­‐Construction Termite Treatments call to discuss an approved method for termite control that’s suitable for you.

Annual inspections are highly recommended to prevent future termite damage.