What We Offer

What We Offer


Termite Inspections

For all our termite inspections, we utilise the Thermal Imager Testo 875. Thermal imaging is superior in detecting the presence of termites (also known as white ants). Thermal imaging technology looks in-depth at areas conventional inspection cannot – hidden areas where moisture can accumulate or where temperatures vary due to changes in the weather.

Termite Treatments

From chemical treatments to installing bait stations, we can come up with the best solution to your termite problem. Our liquid and foam treatments which involve drilling and treated affected areas with termiticide foam are one such effective method.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Before you purchase your new home, pre-purchase inspections are always advised so that you are made aware of any existing or likely termite or pest issues. That way, you can take appropriate action and the right termite or pest treatments can be applied.

Pre-Construction Pest Treatments

Whether it’s a matter of applying a chemical treatment or installing a physical barrier, pre-construction pest treatments are a council requirement pending approval to complete construction.

Pest Control Services

Indoors or outdoors, common pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs, bees and wasps can pose a problem. Consult us and we will inspect the area(s) to determine the cause and the real source of the problem, and devise an effective treatment program.

Rodent Control

We can come up with a safe way to remove or deter disease-carrying rats and mice from your home or commercial grounds.

Bird Control

If pigeons or other unwelcome birds are making their way onto your premises and causing any disruption or damages, we can install spikes, exclusion work, or set up netting to areas to obstruct their means of entry to your commercial building or home.